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A combination of passion,
people and experiences.

Each trip is unique

full of details and stories to share.

Travel Etc wants to blend all the different aspects that create a trip to give clients the opportunity to live a totally unique travel solution.
To do so, we figured out our two main focuses when it comes to traveling:


The first thing we want to do is to always make our guests feel welcomed.
We want to be reliable local experts who are able to understand and satisfy all of our clients' needs.

Travel Entertainment

With our clients in mind, we've created the best local experiences to discover our Region through moments of truthfulness and lightheartedness.
To actually remember a trip you definitely need memorable experiences.

Our brands


Oriana Homèl

Feel like at home with the quality of a hotel.

Home and Hotel: two words and vibes that are usually opposites. Instead, we decided to combine the two to give out our perspective on welcoming and stayings.

Oriana Homéls are modern apartments with innovative and smart features that also pay attention to sustainability. They’re located in splendid historical buildings in the heart of the city.

A mix of comfort, history and innovation to satisfy all of our clients’ needs.

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Travel Entertainment

Iamme Ia!

Say it, live it.

Iamme Ia! is the philosophy behind our tour experiences in Naples, Sorrento and the whole Amalfi Coast: enjoy the trip while living fun and genuine moments.

We’re able to do this thanks to our team of passionate guides who know and love our Region. They’ll make sure to tell you everything about it in the most spontaneous and unfiltered way.

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Unconventional Sorrento

Not your usual Sorrento.

Born out of a restored convent from 1844, Unconventional Sorrento perfectly expresses our idea of welcoming.

The goal was to find a place that could make the client feel like a part of the surrounding ambient. Here you’ll find the true essence of rest and wellness. 

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Why should you choose Travel Etc?

In the business for more than 20 years
Smart and high-tech solutions
A blend of travel and hotel experiences
Client-first approach
Always striving forward thanks to our clients’ feedbacks
Fixing any issues quickly and with certainty

The founders

The founders

A team that always looks to the future

For us, being professional is key, but innovation is also vital.
That’s why we truly believe in the younger generations and their ability to bring new points of view and ideas to our business sector.
Every day, we work with them to cultivate multiple skills in the workplace, with the aim of giving them a complete overview of Welcoming and Travel Entertainment.
We put our experience at their disposal  to grow a punctual and dynamic team that always has an eye on the future.

We let our numbers speak for ourselves

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Travel Entertainment
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